A lesson in celebrity, sobriety, and compassion

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(Illustration by Gordon Dylan Johnson)

I am thinking of John Mulaney as I reach for the plug on my Charlie Brown Christmas tree, melancholy mixing with my holiday cheer like oil and water. It’s Christmas Eve and I’m ready for bed when it dawns on me what tomorrow really is. It hurts to picture John in a cold, Pennsylvania rehab surrounded by strangers on Christmas Day.

From what I know, he’s been clean and sober for around 15 years. And many view his recent relapse as the cruel byproduct of a stressful pandemic. No matter the reason, John Mulaney is the last person in show…

The explosive sketch comedy group reunites to finally make that movie they’ve been meaning to make.

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Zach Cregger, Sam Brown, Trevor Moore, Darren Trumeter Jr. and Timmy Williams. Photo by Scott Pasfield.

Dark, disruptive, rebellious, blue — just a few choice words that describe sketch group The Whitest Kids U’ Know. Between their Molotov cocktail of a comedy show that went for five seasons on IFC and slew of viral videos in the late 2000s, WKUK’s spot in the comedic canon is etched in stone. With fearless sketches like, “Sex Robot,” “Gallon of PCP” and “I Want to K*ll the President” (filmed while Dubya was in office), it’s easy to see why they’re still hailed as…

Confronting fear two years after the culinary legend’s death.

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In the age of the coronavirus, there’s a lot of hours to fill in a day. I’m sick of Netflix, I’m definitely sick of the news and my Quibi free trial ended faster than you can say, “viral TikTok.” I’m in need of a new way to beat the quarantine blues. I already see what everyone else is doing: stealing craft supplies from their kids, tuning in to cringey celebrity sing-a-longs, baking bread from scratch like they just landed at Plymouth Rock and (Lord help us all) crocheting. In a last…

Stacey P.

Stacey P. is a freelance writer and former CONAN intern from Chicago.

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